OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro goes on sale in India.

OnePlus 8 Pro: Everything you need to know!

OnePlus 8 Pro is set to go on sale in India today. The first OnePlus 8 Pro sale that comes exactly two months after its official launch will take place through Amazon and The smartphone was originally planned to go on sale on May 29, though it was delayed. Last week, OnePlus announced that the flagship OnePlus phone will be available only in limited quantities due to its “huge demand” in the country. The OnePlus 8 Pro was launched alongside the OnePlus 8 in April. While the OnePlus 8 Pro hasn’t been available for purchase in the country so far due to initial production/supply hiccups, the OnePlus 8 went on sale a couple of times in the past.

OnePlus 8 Pro price in India

The base 8GB RAM and 128GB storage version is INR54,999 ($722) while the 12/256GB model goes for INR59,999 ($788). As expected, demand was high and stocks depleted quickly across and Amazon.

OnePlus is also selling a 6GB RAM and 128GB storage OnePlus 8 for the first time in the country which costs INR41,999 ($550), making it the most affordable entry in this generation’s OnePlus phones.

Sale offers on the OnePlus 8 Pro include a Rs. 3,000 instant discount on SBI cards and EMI transactions as well as Jio benefits worth up to Rs. 6,000. Furthermore, the phone will be available along with no-cost EMI options.

What’s new in the OnePlus 8 Pro?

The OnePlus 8 Pro is almost the same phone as the OnePlus 8. But it does pack an extra punch.

To start with, this is a larger phone. The 6.78-inch screen also has curved edges, there are no widgets that make use of this extra screen that folds into the rear panel. But there his more to this display. The QHD+ Fluid AMOLED display offers 120Hz refresh rate, which is rare in the smartphone space even now. The large size and extra display also makes the OnePlus 8 Pro a heavier phone than the OnePlus 8.

The OnePlus 8 Pro also comes with a quad camera set up — so there is a 48M main camera, 48MP utrawide angle, an 8MP telephoto offering 3x optical zoom and a 5MP colour filter camera. The selfie camera is 16MP. This is one camera and many pixels more than what the OnePlus 8 is offering.

The other new feature is the wireless fast charging.

Why you should consider buying the OnePlus 8 Pro?

The OnePlus 8 is a pretty decent phone. So I guess anyone looking at the OnePlus 8 Pro seriously either wants to just spend more money and flaunt or wants to take advantage of all that the OnePlus 8 Pro is offering extra.


One of the main reason to consider buying the OnePlus 8 Pro could be the display. To say the QHD+ Fluid AMOLED is stunning would be an understatement. The colour accuracy of the display is visible from the moment you switch it on thanks to the live wallpapers, but it really hits you when you try to take photos from the main camera. Our experts tried clicking a few pictures and the colours literally popped out of the screen, but with hardly any unnatural, over saturated elements. One can say the OnePlus 8 Pro screen is among the most natural screen with colours looking the way they do in real life.


I guess a lot of people who decide to go for the OnePlus 8 Pro instead of the OnePlus will be lured by the camera capabilities of this phone. There is a lot here, so let us look at it one by one.

The 48MP main camera is similar to what the OnePlus 8 has. So it shoots 12MP by default and you have to switch to 48MP mode. However, this is also where the OnePlus 8 Pro is different. Once you switch to 48MP, you can shoot in both regular and ultra-wide angles and the switch is easy from one to the other. The image quality is really good and you can blow up well into the image without any reduction in quality of noise. The low light images are good and you will love the accuracy of indoor day shots.

The super macro mode seemed more effective here than on the OnePlus 8. Also, the new software upgrade meant the camera automatically switched to the mode when you go too close to a subject.

Now, the 3X optical zoom camera is really impressive as it takes you closer to the subject and captures images without noise. And these images are good enough to blow your mind. And there is also the 30x optical zoom which takes you even closer, but with some noise thrown in.

The colour filter camera is not of much use with the controversial X-ray filter on the OnePlus 8 Pro disabled on the review device. Once this is back, you should be able to do more with this extra camera. For now you can play around with the vivid and B&W filters which are better than what most of the others do.

Wireless Wrap Charge

The wireless warp charge is a great feature OnePlus 8 Pro comes with. The battery is quite large and will last you 24 hours in normal usage. A little adjustments with the display brightness and features can squeeze out a few hours more.


For those looking to pick up a gaming phone, the 120Hz refresh rate will be something useful, though in real life there is not much you can do with it.


The OnePlus 8 Pro is without any doubt one of the best Android flagships out there at the moment. It offers top of the line performance, a superior camera experience, stunning display, and unique fast wireless charging. This is a great phone for those who need the attention to detail. The camera and display will make you flaunt this phone. Also, gamers and power users will love everything about this phone from the oomph in the display to the tweaks in the software.

If you don’t think you want the extra features, then just go for the OnePlus 8.

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